Nov 25

Central Asia welcomes You!

Since I know myself, I have always been surrounded by the multicultural atmosphere. I belong to the Uzbek nation, yet live in the heart of Asia – Kyrgyzstan. We have so many neighbors, who belong to Russian, Uyghur and other nationalities. This gave me the chance to get to know about their culture and traditions, values and morals much closer. Thanks to this variety, I have learned to appreciate people no matter where they belong and obtained much tolerance towards them from childhood.

We oftern traveled to our neighbor countries and I cannot express my gratitude enough for those chances. Those countries, including Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tadjikistan, and others seem to be almost similar, however, there are so many varieties that can be seen only by visiting them. They do have things in common as well, due to the fact that they all used to be the part of former Soviet Union. But after independence, each nation went through “rebirth” and developed their own identities.