Dec 14

Folklore Show

Imagine visiting a new country, what would be the first thing you would like to learn? Probably, it is their traditions, values and other unique features. Thanks to the special agencies, the tours where you can realize this dream are organized for everyone, who wishes to do so. You can visit site in order to get more information about them.

Folklore shows are available in many regions of Kyrgyzstan. Sometimes there is no need for a special organization, since for many citizens, it is the part of their lives to sing traditional songs, read poems, legends and stories that belong to their national heritage.

The main part of folklore show is the epic of Manas – the biggest treasure of Kyrgyz nation. It tells the story of a great hero, the founder of the nation. The epic itself is said to be the longest one in the world even if the Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey put together.

You will also see beautiful traditional dances and listen to some nice music played by the national musical instrument, called “komuz”. As everywhere else, folklore shows do not need any translators; the performers will be able to make you feel it by the emotions…

Dec 03

Guests at Kyrgyzstan

PERSONAL I would like to start our virtual adventures from my home country first. It is Kyrgyzstan – my mother land. Situated in the very center of Asian continent, it has got the name of “Heart if Asia”. The country is pretty small with the population of 5million people.

Without going more into geographic details and I will just jump into more interesting topics, which include places of interest, culture and traditions. Today you will visit the real Kyrgyz family and see how they treat guests.

Kyrgyz people have a very special love for the guests and even say that guests are as great as our fathers, which means that they deserve the highest respect possible. Kyrgyz people are used to share the best things they have with the guests. You can see that from the full-with-delicacies table, which is not set like this that often.

They usually meet the dear guests from a far with salt and bread. Even if you visited their homes just for a five minutes in hurry, they will not let you leave unless you taste a piece of bread offered! They will be constantly offering to have more and more food, which is the sign of sincere care. But if you do not really feel like it, they will understand and you should not feel uneasy.

Nov 25

Central Asia welcomes You!

Since I know myself, I have always been surrounded by the multicultural atmosphere. I belong to the Uzbek nation, yet live in the heart of Asia – Kyrgyzstan. We have so many neighbors, who belong to Russian, Uyghur and other nationalities. This gave me the chance to get to know about their culture and traditions, values and morals much closer. Thanks to this variety, I have learned to appreciate people no matter where they belong and obtained much tolerance towards them from childhood.

We oftern traveled to our neighbor countries and I cannot express my gratitude enough for those chances. Those countries, including Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tadjikistan, and others seem to be almost similar, however, there are so many varieties that can be seen only by visiting them. They do have things in common as well, due to the fact that they all used to be the part of former Soviet Union. But after independence, each nation went through “rebirth” and developed their own identities.