Mar 26

“Airport” #2!

How about this, guys: I will help you guys discover one more perfect destination for your favorite activity “paragliding” in the territories of Kyrgyzstan and in turn you will . . . Nothing, never mind! If only this discovery gives you guys more happiness and unforgettable momenets of flying in future, that is the greatest accomplishment of mine!

So, the next destination is Karakol ski resort in Kyrgyzstan! By the time winter leaves the country, Karakol as well starts turning into the beautiful greenfield, so the people could enjoy summer activities, in this case paragliding. Watch and enjoy how it is like to fly over the slopes of Karakol in the video below!

Mar 14

Born to Fly…

It fantastic that Suusamyr valley, that I introduced to you guys last time can offer more than what I said before. Its opportunities vary according to the season in the country. For instance, winter has almost left Kyrgyzstan and adventure lovers are now looking forward to the activities other than skiing and snowboarding…

Paragliding is one of the first choice of any youth, if you get interested and ask them. It is a dream come true to those, who still believe that there is a bird living inside them, which should be set free! It is the perfect gift for those, who have been dreaming of looking at the world from the highest point as possible, other than on the airplanes.

The valley of Suusamyr is one of the best places to go for this extreme adventure. First of all, it is safer than any other destination and second, it actually is worth going up in order to enjoy the view of that gorgeous valley!

Mar 07

Reaching Virgin Peaks

Asia is rich with mountains, brilliant with their alpine lakes and special with the fact that most of them are absolutely untouched. However, what else could be unreachable for us – people nowadays? Almost nothing!

So, there are still ways to climb the highest and most virgin peaks of Kyrgzstan as well. By the way, it is one of those activities, that are getting more and more popular in the country. People are chosing the huge goals to reach, so here as well taking Suusamyr valley, for instance, as a destination.

Enjoying the heart of Tian Shan is of course possible with only helicopter, so this also gives an amazing chance to enjoy heli-skiing at the same time!

Feb 24

Ice Climbing

Other than skiing and skating, Kyrgyzstan offers another activity, which requires a bit more of a strength, patience and determination. That is ice climbing, for those, who always go forward and look for challenges in life.

Since almost ninety percent of the country is made of mountains, there are incredibly many choices, which you can make according to your own wish, location from where it would be closer. You will also have the choice of any level, which you would liketo go for.

One of the first recommendations I would make is the Ak Sai glacier. The reason is that you guys are already familiar with its location – Ala Archa gorge. The view of Ala Archaitself is so beautiful, so just imagine observinig it from one of its most gorgeous glaciers!

Feb 18


Since winter is also coming to an end, I would like to hurry to inform you guys more about winter activities to do. It is actually not that late to try them, since in many places, the mountains keep the perfect snow condition even when the spring comes in.

What I would like to share with you today is the tour with snowmobiles. They are super cool “snow motorbikes”, which can give you the huge amount of adrenaline and fun! They somehow remind people of modern version of slays from childhood. The difference is, they seem to be safer and faster.

Below is the lucky people, who got the snowmobile adventures started:

Feb 09

Best skiing options

I have introduced you to the couple of cool places to go in winter. However, the best one is yet to be discovered. So, let us get this trip started!

Everyone in Kyrgyzstan knows that despite there is a huge number of mountains and the activities they offer everywhere in the country, the best ones among them are located in the northern part. More exactly in Issyk Kul province. Not only in summer, but also in winter this province overtakes other regions with its amazing opportunities and beauty.

That famous ski base in the north is known as Karakol. It is located in the city, which is also called the same way. Karakol is famous for its perfect conditions of snow, variety of activities it offers, including skiing, freeride, snowboarding, heli-skiing and much more.

The prices seem a bit high for the locals, however, the service provided and the conditions offered are almost in the same level with other resorts abroad, which are at least twice more expensive.

Jan 30

Skating in KG

Please make sure you add this to your winter trip plan list, since it is one of the best activities of all time! Just as you see in the picture, we are talking about skating.

Why am I making a big deal though? Is it not possible to find a skating rink anywhere in the city? Well, maybe. However, this time I am talking about not the typical, but open-air-skating experience!

Open-air-rink is something, where you can feel the freedom of moving with almost no limits to the ice “beneath your wings”. This is the perfect place to learn if you are new to this sport as well, because unlike indoor skating rinks, there are no barriers around on which you can rely on.

So, wherever you are, try to look for such attraction. If you happen to be in Kyrgyzstan’s capital, go directly to “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”. It is pretty close to the city and worth seeing!

Jan 23

Ski base #2

The next wonderland where you also must go is Kashka Suu ski base. The place is also located at the same distance as Ala-Archa – just about an hour drive from the capital of Kyrgyzstan.

Just like Ala-Archa, Kashka Suu is also the universal place to visit: it is beautiful no matter in what time of the year you go. In summer it is the super green and gorgeous place to cool down away from the burning hot weather of Bishkek city.

In winter there are all conditions provided for the visitors to make the best of winter holidays – routes for skiing and snowboarding, the rentals where you can take the necessary equipments, in case you did not bring ones. If you feel too lazy to be active, then you can just take a ride on the cable cars up to the hills and enjoy the beauty of Kashka Suu from high above!

I’m pretty sure that you may even want to stay there for a while. This is not a problem either: just book the little but cozy cabins there and lengthen you fun!

Jan 08

Ala-Archa National park

Excellent! I have introduced you to the capital of Kyrgyzstan – Bishkek. We now have the main point from which we can take off to other places for new discoveries! The first place I would like to take you is one of the best attractions of the Chuy province – Ala-Archa National park.

Located just an hour away from the capital on the mountains, Ala-Archa has already become the most favorite place of local citizens and tourists. The main reason why they love this park so much is its breathtakingly beautiful nature. It is full of fur tree woods, snowcapped mountains and glaciers, river and waterfalls with crystal clear water.

Ala-Archa is a perfect destination for any person of any age. I call it the Universal destination, since it is visited in all seasons! In summer families, friends or colleagues come for fun picnics. The people, who are in love with mountain sports, usually come for trekking or hiking. In winter they enjoy skiing, snowboarding or just sitting inside the cabins watching the snow fall.

Such a wonderland Ala-Archa is… Do not forget to add it to the must-see places!

Dec 21

Bishkek City

Before jumping into the nature of Kyrgyzstan, it would be fair to get to know the capital city of this beautiful country. So, let me introduce you to that place, which got the “nickname” of a “green city” today: welcome to the capital of Kyrgyzstan – Bishkek.

The city is located in the north part of Kyrgyzstan, Chuy province. The city is surrounded by beautiful parks with lots of green trees, which is why it is also called “Green city”. Bishkek is the largest city in Kyrgyzstan. It is home for the people of different nationalities, culture and beliefs. You may see the variety according to the buildings, including churches, temples and mosques around.

The main places in the city to visit are the central square, Panfilova national park, museums, Osh bazaar with real eastern atmosphere and the biggest bazaar in Central Asia – Dordoy. If you are fond of shopping, bazaars above said are not the only places to go. There are variety of modern shopping centers and boutiques, which are located pretty close to each other. For the fans of world cuisines, there are so many excellent cafes and restaurants, that are incredibly affordable as well.